Leadership Lessons to Get Through: An Interview with Alison Wagner

Alison Wagner’s work has been overwhelming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but she’s drawing from lessons she’s learned to get through this difficult time.


Meet With Your Finance Committee Now

Seth Cothrun shares how lessons learned from the Great Recession’s impact on charitable giving must be applied to current market shocks.


Insights for Days of Uncertainty

Welcome to our community-drive series focusing on how "for purpose" sector is adapting during the Covid-19 pandemic, around the globe.

Njeri blog post

How to Use Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success

Sometimes I wonder how an average, mischievous middle-class child rose up to become one hell of a global leader with experiences working for various international organizations and be successful ac

New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New Leaf: Keeping the Momentum Toward Goals in Q1

As we move through the first quarter of the new year, are you on track with what you and your team set out to accomplish? This LeaderNotes round-up has advice and insights to help you keep your momentum.

Man at desk in office in suit

Five Steps to Transcending Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

When it comes to depression and suicidal thoughts, how long can we avoid and suppress how we truly feel with temporary fixes that do not address the actual problem? Dr. Phyllis Hubbard shares her steps and strategies.

Terri B. Williams

You Don’t Need a Pedigree to Become a Lobbyist

After Terri Broussard Williams' plans for her job fell through, she carved a path for herself as a successful lobbyist. Read about her Leadership Journey and the lessons she learned along the way.

Board room

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Mitigate Potential Backlash Related to Their Boards and Wealthy Donors

How do nonprofits reliant on wealthy board members avoid controversy and backlash? Tim McClimon shares his advice.

Kevin Seaman and Beatrice L. Thomas at APAP

For Queer Arts Leaders, the Personal is Professional: Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman on Art, Equity and Showing up Whole

What does it mean to bring your full self – all of your identities – to your work and leadership? Two interdisciplinary artists share their experience.

From left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, Carmez Vazquez, Chase Strangio

“Exercising the Muscle of Hope” and Other Insights from the LGBTQ+ Panel

(from left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, C