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Man at desk in office in suit

Five Steps to Transcending Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Every day at 3pm, I receive a calendar invitation on my computer that says, “take three slow deep Qigong breaths.” The first day that I received the invite I yelled at my computer, “Now What??!!!!” and then I had to laugh because I realized that I knew mys

Kevin Seaman and Beatrice L. Thomas at APAP

For Queer Arts Leaders, the Personal is Professional: Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman on Art, Equity and Showing up Whole

What does it mean to bring your full self – all of your identities – to your work and leadership? Two interdisciplinary artists share their experience.

From left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, Carmez Vazquez, Chase Strangio

“Exercising the Muscle of Hope” and Other Insights from the LGBTQ+ Panel

(from left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, Carmez Vazquez, Chase Strangio)

A Rock Paper Scissors Championship to Break the Ice

Insights from the Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit

We live in a time characterized by an accelerating rate of change and an increasing interdependence of systems, making the world around us more complex than ever.

Upswell Sunil Oommen

5 Insights I’ve Learned from Two Decades in the Social-Impact Sector

When you were a child and someone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, I bet you didn’t say, “I’m going to be a nonprofit executive!”  I certainly didn’t. I wanted to be a school teacher.


The ABCs of Moving Managers to Leaders

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit."  – Aristotle

Lillygol Sedaghat

Lessons on Leading from Influence Nation 2018

Each year, the Influence Nation Summit (previously known as MCON) brings together hundreds of people who are passionate about positively changing the world and exploring the influences that build and sustain social movements. This year, the Influence Nation Summit was held in Washington, D.C.

Upswell 2018 LeaderStories

Tapping into Shared Purpose and Value at Upswell 2018

The experience that I had at Upswell is very uplifting. In only three days, my brain opened up in a way it never has after previous Independent Sector events I’ve attended. Everyone that was part of Upswell played a role in which you realize how we weave and interconnect for a greater cause.

Kofi Annan

A Lifetime of Leadership: What I Learned From Kofi Annan

He was not my boss, not my mentor nor someone I worked with. He is, however, someone whom I regard as one of the greatest leaders of our time. The three times I met the man are still as vivid in my mind as they could be. I would have loved to be on his team and in some way, I felt that I was.

#Passion2Action Twitter chat

#Passion2Action Twitter Chat Recap

During the Twitter chat we co-hosted with the International Youth Foundation's YouthActionNet initiative on August 15, 2018, we


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