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Elsie Ramsey

"If I recover loudly, I help prevent others from dying quietly": An Interview with Elsie Ramsey

Elsie Ramsey, founder of the resource website, Bigger Than Depression is a vocal advocate for normalizing conversations about mental illness in both our professional and personal lives.


On Leading and Leaving an Old Shore

I imagine some of you, like me, collect leadership lessons—stories, quotes, and quips—like vacation souvenirs. They are reminders filed in color-coded folders and remainders of a provocative book or intriguing conversation that we hold onto like treasured ephemera.


Do You Know How to Listen, as a Leader?

It’s not as easy as we might think. Listening is an undervalued yet essential leadership skill that can be practiced and strengthened. Lynna Chandra, founder of the Rachel House in Indonesia, has some advice.

Women's March

When Leaders “Choose to Challenge”: 6 Women to Watch

Across the globe, March is Women’s History Month, or Women’s Month.

Kimberly Gube

Reflections on Our Year of Conferencing Virtually

When the pandemic struck, many organizations were forced to quickly choose: switch their events and courses to a virtual format, cancel entirely, or postpone until next year. A lot of brave organizations made the shift to a digital experience.

Shawn Rene play

An Interview with Shawn Rene Graham

Shawn René is a dramaturg in New York City, directing programs with The Field and serving as the resident dramaturg for The American Slavery Project's Unheard Voices.

Blair Glencorse talking

“Agile Accountability” in the Face of Uncertainty: An Interview with Blair Glencorse

How do you empower a global team in the midst of uncertainty?

Gravis hospital

Supporting Rural Communities in India: An Interview with GRAVIS Founder Prakash Tyagi

Dr. Prakash Tyagi is the Executive Director of GRAVIS and Founder-Director of GRAVIS Hospital. GRAVIS works in the Thar Desert of India, focusing on holistic community development support, including providing access to clean water, education, food security, and health care.


Ten Tips for Working from Home—from Someone Who Usually Works Outside

I have been working successfully from various homes and temporary offices for more than five years. Here are ten simple tips that I hope are useful as most of us continue to work from home.

Julie Smith standing

Letting Go to Get Things Done: A Conversation with PressureValve Founder Julie Smith

How can leaders find calm and patience when the stakes are so high?


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