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On Leading and Leaving an Old Shore

I imagine some of you, like me, collect leadership lessons—stories, quotes, and quips—like vacation souvenirs. They are reminders filed in color-coded folders and remainders of a provocative book or intriguing conversation that we hold onto like treasured ephemera.

Terri Broussard Williams Advises

You Too Can "Find Your Fire"

Do you want to start a project or a nonprofit? Do you believe in something greater than yourself? Do you have a fire within you to create change?


A Nonprofit Leader's take on the Executive Coaching Experience

Have you ever wondered what an executive coach could do for you, as a social purpose leader?

Women's March

When Leaders “Choose to Challenge”: 6 Women to Watch

Across the globe, March is Women’s History Month, or Women’s Month.

Njeri blog post

How to Use Failure as a Stepping Stone for Success

Sometimes I wonder how an average, mischievous middle-class child rose up to become one hell of a global leader with experiences working for various international organizations and be successful academically too.

Terri B. Williams

You Don’t Need a Pedigree to Become a Lobbyist

I call people who do amazing things big or small #Firestarters. A #Firestarter is someone who sees an opportunity for change in their community and digs down deep to make it happen. They are leaders who turn moments into movements.

Njeri Muturi at the American Express Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit in Washington, DC in April

Approaching Leadership as a Community Act

In this Leadership Journey, Njeri Muturi, Curriculum Developer at Points of Light, shares her pathway into the "for purpose" sector and how she learned to approach leadership with a team.

Upswell Janine Lee

How Radical Vulnerability Fuels Life as a CEO

Successful leaders may not feel they can be radically transparent and vulnerable about the barriers or struggles they encountered along the way.

setting intention at upswell

Setting an Intention for Social Change

Set an intention, emphasize technique, and practice


Love What You Do: Jessica Van Thiel's Leadership Journey

My colleague Shivani and I founded PATHFINDER, in 2015, as an international social enterprise based in Canada and France. PATHFINDER consults with business, academia and policy for innovative solutions in the world of sustainable development.


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