Board room

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Mitigate Potential Backlash Related to Their Boards and Wealthy Donors

How do nonprofits reliant on wealthy board members avoid controversy and backlash? Tim McClimon shares his advice.

Kevin Seaman and Beatrice L. Thomas at APAP

For Queer Arts Leaders, the Personal is Professional: Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman on Art, Equity and Showing up Whole

What does it mean to bring your full self – all of your identities – to your work and leadership? Two interdisciplinary artists share their experience.

From left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, Carmez Vazquez, Chase Strangio

“Exercising the Muscle of Hope” and Other Insights from the LGBTQ+ Panel

(from left to right: Kate Kendall, Cristina Herrera, C

Njeri Muturi at the American Express Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit in Washington, DC in April

Approaching Leadership as a Community Act

Njeri Muturi reflects on her life in Kenya and what lessons she brought along with her as she pursues a career in education. Learn more about how Njeri Muturi stays motivated and came to approach leadership as a community act.

A Rock Paper Scissors Championship to Break the Ice

Insights from the Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit

We live in a time characterized by an accelerating rate of change and an increasing interdependence of systems, making the world around us more complex than ever.

Upswell Janine Lee

How Radical Vulnerability Fuels Life as a CEO

Successful leaders may not feel they can be radically transparent and vulnerable about the barriers or struggles they encountered along the way.

setting intention at upswell

Setting an Intention for Social Change

Michelle Cho, co-founder of Gladeo, a digital media platform providing career exploration for young people, reflects on how intention guided and informed her 2018 Upswell experience.

Upswell Sunil Oommen

5 Insights I’ve Learned from Two Decades in the Social-Impact Sector

Sunil Oommen, founder of Oommen Consulting, a firm specializing in fundraising, events, and project management, shares key reflections on what it takes to be a leader in the nonprofit sector and how to voraciously seek new opportunities. 


The ABCs of Moving Managers to Leaders

How can we help our staff, or ourselves move from working as managers to working leaders? Clues to effective leadership management can actually be found in each letter of the word L-E-A-D-E-R.

Lillygol Sedaghat

Lessons on Leading from Influence Nation 2018

During the 2018 Influence Nation Summit (previously known as MCON), LeaderStories spoke with some of the participants about their thoughts on effective leadership, and what emerging social purpose leaders need to know. Here are our favorite short inspirational video clips.