Vivica Xiong

Program Officer, United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

Hong Kong, China
Cohort: Common Purpose, Hong Kong, 2016

Vivica Xiong is passionate about empowering people through education. Her professional portfolio includes a number of “start-up” projects in the field of international education and development, which taught her to be creative and entrepreneurial. She finds immense joy in helping people and organizations to grow. Currently, as a program officer at the United Board, Vivica works closely with university faculty across the Asian continent, and supports capacity building through faculty enrichment and leadership development initiatives. Previously, she served at the Institute of International Education’s offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. She holds a BA in French Studies from Sun Yat-sen University in China and MEd in Comparative and Global Studies in Education and Development from the University of Hong Kong. She was a W.T. Chan Fellow for non-profit leadership at the University of California, Berkeley.