Toby Sheppard Bloch

Chief Venture Officer, The HOPE Program/Sustainable South Bronx

New York, NY
Cohort: CCL, New York, 2016
Connect on Twitter: @glendaler

Toby Bloch serves as the Chief Venture Officer of the HOPE and Sustainable South Bronx Programs, organizations that promote the development of leaders in New York City workforce. He leads transitional employment programs and social enterprises that generate employment or work experience for unpaid college graduates. His social enterprise, Intervine, maintains the environmental infrastructure of urban horticulture in New York, through the management of stormwater and the cyclical extension of roof membranes. Additionally, his work installing reflective roofing with the NYC based °CoolRoofs program has effectively mitigated the “urban heat effect” in communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Toby began his career in public policy, working for Congressman Bernie Sanders, where he was responsible for organizing union/public employee pension, benefit funds, and ensuring investments reflected the interests of plan beneficiaries. Subsequently, Toby has spent a decade building a high-end general contracting company in New York City, whose services run the gamut from art installation to row house gut jobs. His responsible administrative skills have resulted in sales that have grown in excess of $1 million a year.
Toby is a member of Queens Community Board 5 where he is the Co-Chair of the Transportation Subcommittee. He has worked to make the streets of his neighborhood safer and more equitable by improving bus and bike capacity.