Paulina Olsson

Co-Founder & CEO, Peppy Pals

Stockholm, Sweden
Cohort: Ashoka Bootcamp, Berlin, 2017

Paulina Olsson is a driven, ambitious, social entrepreneur serving as Co-Founder and CEO at Peppy Pals. Paulina has more than five years of experience as a social entrepreneur, and holds a MSc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School. Only at the age of 22 she was named Sweden's Top 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs and in 2018, Paulina was appointed a scholarship by the Swedish King for her work and leadership at Peppy Pals. In her role at Peppy Pals, she is devoted to changing the educational system for children to focus more on humanity and emotional skills. Peppy Pals, founded in 2013, is a pioneer within the field of digital, play-based social and emotional learning (SEL) for children ages 2-6. With a series of apps, books and videos, Peppy Pals is the first company in the world to gamify SEL without using text or language. They have been acknowledged by organizations such as Ashoka, European Investment Bank and LEGO Ventures. Paulina also sits on the Advisory Board for Six Seconds - the largest Emotional Intelligence network in the world. Her dream is for every child to grow up practicing empathy and kindness, where SEL is a subject taught in schools.