Mohit Raj

Founder and Executive Director, TYCIA - Project Second Chance

New Delhi, India
Cohort: Common Purpose, India, 2013

Mohit Raj has more than 9 years of work experience in the development sector, designing, implementing and monitoring the impactful projects in the streams of education, livelihoods and youth empowerment with the focus on children, women and incarcerated youth with both social and entrepreneurial capabilities. In 2010, at the age of 21, Mohit with his best friend and college mate, dared to initiate a humble effort named ‘Turn Your Concern Into Action’ (TYCIA) Foundation with a dream of bringing 100 out of school children into mainstream education. He pursued Post Graduation in NGO Management from Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, an MBA degree in finance and marketing from a reputed Delhi Institute, professional leadership programs with the University of Chicago and Duke University. Today, having matured into a competent and confident adult with not only extensive academic experience related to development space but also considerable work and extracurricular experience, he is operating a variety of projects with the focus on: 1. providing educational facilities to 4,000+ tribal children to improve the quality education and retention rates; 2. experiential learning to foster global citizenship and building leadership skills among adolescents of US, South Africa, Nepal etc.; 3. facilitating collective farming, storage of products, training 400+ farmers and connecting market linkages to the formers, enhances the agricultural productivity, vertical and horizontal mobility by 10% from the traditional methods”; and 4. an impact oriented and measurable 360 degree intervention, that focuses on imparting functional literacy, life skills education for reformation of 900+ incarcerated youth in prisons. Facilitating individual needs for rehabilitating the youth post release at their home location and establishing backward and forward linkages with the assistance of institutions/agencies at the origin locations to re-integrate the youth into mainstream society and recidivism. Mohit has been invited to prestigious forums and events across the India and globally to share his knowledge on various social development sector issues, including being an advisor to social enterprises like Givfunds, Singapore, Namaste Kisan and Nonprofits like Musht Samaj Sewa Samiti etc. He was also awarded Clinton Fellowship from American India Foundation, American Express Leadership Academy Fellow, Starting Bloc NYC alumni, speaker at Guildford college, North Carolina and a TEDx speaker.