Alumni Task Force

Miguel Bravo

President and CEO, Film, Recording and Entertainment Council, Inc

San Diego, CA, US
Cohort: Center for Creative Leadership, New York, 2010

Miguel Bravo started his talent career in the 1990s and worked on campaigns for Pepsi Co, Frito Lay as well as local films such as Any Given Sunday and the Substitute, just to name a few and all while working in the food industry as a restaurant manager and becoming a State Certified Food Manager. Professionally, Mr. Bravo’s career began as a Community and School Activities Leader for Miami Dade County Public Schools within the department of workforce development Education also known as EdWorks. Mr. Bravo was the Community Director for the Miami Dade/Monroe office of the March of Dimes where he received the President’s Award for his successful financial accomplishment and service. In this position, he organized and created fundraising events, planned communication campaigns and carried out program services to save babies from birth defects. He is now the Community Representative for the American Cancer Society. In this position, Mr. Bravo was charged with planning a county-wide Black Health Summit which the Society had attempted to organize for four previous years without successes. Mr. Bravo took this difficult task and for the first time executed a very successful Black Health Summit. He formed a partnership with the National Office of the NAACP who provided a venue in their national convention in Miami for the Summit. He also led a very successful sponsorship drive which was a first for the Society in Miami. While dealing with major life issues and complications he has also worked as Directors with the United Way, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and a number of other well established national and international organizations. He serves as Director of a various national and international organizations and active board member. He holds several degrees in business and a real estate license and his hobbies are songwriting as well as writing fundamental stories for children under seven years of age. He has written hundreds of songs and is now working on publishing “Silly Sue” a series of rhythm mix stories of a precocious little girl and her imaginative explorations through her journey of self-discovery in an ever-changing world that will inspire the reader to look at their own world in a different way.