KatMeow García

Manager of Media Education, Open Signal

Portland, Oregon

KatMeow García is a bilingual Media Educator and Manager of Media Education at Open Signal, Portland Community Media Center where she oversees the media education programs. She works with instructors to provide media education paths suited for their students’ needs and curriculum that supports creativity, values equity, and gives access to industry standard production equipment and software.

KatMeow currently serves as the President of The KBOO Foundation and is Liaison to the Development Committee. Her main roles on the board are development planning and overseeing the operations of the board and ensuring the board stays in accordance with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant requirements.  KatMeow is an Executive Director for the Girl Game Gang (GGG), a small production company that recruits mainly PoC, lady, and non-binary identified film industry professionals. This year KatMeow and a writer from GGG were awarded the 2019 PLAYA residency.

KatMeow previously served as the check signer of the National Association for Media Education. While serving on NAME’s board she worked to develop a future funding plan for outreach to major donors. KatMeow, is part of the Thurston County Santo Tomás Sister City Association. KatMeow has served as a delegate for TSTSCA working, teaching and living in Nicaragua to learn more about self-sustaining nonprofits in Nicaragua and share about similar nonprofit structures in the US. KatMeow volunteers for the local Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC) as a peer support for survivors.

KatMeow is a graduate of The Evergreen State College, and earned a BFA in Film and a minor in Social Justice. She holds a Small Business certificate from the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing China. In her spare time, KatMeow is a producer, painter, singer, gardener and an activist.