Ahmed Maawy

Executive Director, Uttu

Doha, Qatar
Cohort: Ashoka, Nairobi, 2017
Connect on Twitter: @ahmedmaawy

Ahmed Maawy is the Executive Director at Uttu, a startup that aims to create trust and empathy for people and their profiles by creating a platform through which their personal achievements and profiles are digitally attested and verified. Uttu aims to bridge the gap in between technology and user profiles, allowing an individual to have a digitally verified profile present wherever they are in the world.

Ahmed has also been instrumental in the setup of technology hubs and spaces in Kenya, having set up SwahiliBox and MakersHub -- with the support of the likes of Hivos, Doen, Indigo Trust, Shuttleworth Foundation, the French Embassy in Kenya and Somalia, among others. He was also instrumental in setting up one of Mombasa’s first Technology Communities. He also has close to 15 years of market experience as a Technical Manager and Software Engineer. Ahmed has worked with Al Jazeera, AJ+, Everylayer Broadband, Internews Europe, Ushahidi, among others.