Alumni Task Force

Seth Cothrun

Independent Consultant, Strategy and Management

San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Cohort: ASU Lodestar, Phoenix, 2017 and Aspen 2.0, 2018

Seth Cothrun helps nonprofit and private sector clients with marketing & communications, executive management, and strategic planning. He is a 2018 Aspen Institute Fellow; a member of Class Nine of the American Express Leadership Academy at ASU Lodestar Center; and, currently serves as chair of the alumni network’s Committee on Innovation & Communications. Seth spent the last half decade as a senior executive at Sonoran Institute, playing a leadership role in refocusing the organization’s mission while rebuilding brand, marketing, and development strategies in the United States and Mexico, Previously, he managed business development and marketing initiatives throughout the Americas in the institutional asset management space, working with some of the largest public and private funds in the world. The early part of his career was spent as a program manager in the U.S. Forest Service throughout the West, in addition to serving nationally on Type 1 Incident Management and Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation teams tasked with managing high complexity wildland fire incidents and post-fire effects. He has also lived and worked in México as photographer. He holds an M.A. from University of Chicago in Anthropology & Latin American Studies and a B.A. from University of Arizona in Anthropology & Latin American History.