Samantha Ducey

Director, Global Impact

Washington, DC, USA
Cohort: Points of Light, St. Paul, 2019
Connect on Twitter: @samantha_ducey

Samantha serves as a director at Global Impact, a US-based nonprofit working to build resources and partnerships for the world's most vulnerable people. In her current role, Samantha leads projects for a wide array of clients, where she leverages her more than ten years of experience and expertise in strategic planning, project management, and partnerships to design and implement processes that facilitate fund development, raise visibility, and enhance impact. Samantha also leads Global Impact’s strategic engagements around international giving and the global community of funders and philanthropic organizations, including registrations and projects in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam. Prior to joining Global Impact, Samantha worked on the delivery of the first Red Nose Day in the US with Comic Relief Inc. and on the 2014 Girl Summit with Girl Hub (now Girl Effect), a strategic collaboration between Nike Foundation and the UK's Department for International Development. Samantha holds a Master of Arts in education, gender, and international development from the Institute of Education, University of London (now University College London), and a Bachelor of Arts in history and international relations from Boston University. Samantha is passionate about issues related to justice and equality, specifically education, women and girls, and refugees and internally displaced persons.