Precious J. Stroud

Principal / Director, PJS Consultants, BlackFemaleProject

Oakland, CA, US
Cohort: Campaign for Black Male Achievement, North Carolina, 2018
Connect on Twitter: @BlackFemaleProj

Precious J. Stroud is founder and principal of PJS Consultants (, a collective of professionals specializing in communications for race- and gender-specific initiatives. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Precious J. Stroud works with community-minded organizations to design and manage marketing campaigns. Precious brings more than 18 years of communications experience, business acumen, and creative problem-solving skills to the work of marketing for the greater good, inspiring audiences to action as a result. In 2014, Precious founded BlackFemaleProject, a volunteer-run, research-based organization that celebrates Black women who thrive at work and supports younger Black women along their professional journeys by way of intergenerational mentorship and story sharing. BlackFemaleProject interrupts the many impacts of structural racism by bringing women together to engage in sisterhood across generation and industry, sharing lessons learned and words of wisdom through conversation and community-building. Learn more at Precious’s lifelong learning includes working her way through college, earning a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay, and serving as a marketing strategist, project manager, training facilitator, and coach to exceptional leaders.