Nikotris Perkins

Senior Strategist, UBUNTU Research and Evaluation

Milwaukee, WI, USA
Cohort: Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Greensboro, 2018
Connect on Twitter: @NikotrisP

Nikotris Perkins, a CBMA Beloved Community Fellow Alum, is currently designing spaces for the workforce, young people and community members to think and behave in ways that motivate our collective liberation through UBUNTU Research and Evaluation. Nikotris has 20 years of experience working nonprofit and social enterprise with emphasis on education, youth development, as well as workplace climate and culture. Nikotris is a talented facilitator who is a catalyst in creating brave spaces that promote confidence in identity and offer tools to navigate the trauma of racial, economic and health inequities that show up in the workplace, classrooms and coalitions. Additionally, she provides one-on-one coaching grounded in personal behavior and value shift motivating individual growth as a means to cultivating beloved community. She prides herself on working in partnership with people and organizations as they understand themselves, the perception of their service and reality of their potential. Previously, Nikotris has done fundraising and program development. For example, funding and building a comprehensive youth development program complete with metrics for quality implementation and participant growth. Nikotris believes in the power of voice. She is passionate about storytelling, linguistics and people being heard and recognized in spaces they live, work and play.