Nicholas Wenzel

Founding and Managing Director, InternsGoPro

Berlin, Germany
Cohort: Ashoka, Berlin, 2017
Connect on Twitter: @internsgopro

Nicholas Wenzel is the co-founder and managing director of InternsGoPro, whose professional purpose is technological advancement and professional transparency. At InternsGoPro, he leads the company’s financial operations and technological development. With his social enterprise, he was awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 price. Prior to launching InternsGoPro, Nicholas studied Social Sciences at the London School of Economics and Humboldt-University. After graduating, he worked as a junior policy consultant, consulting the GIZ on renewable and efficient energy policies in emerging economies. He also taught an online course in Social Innovation at the European Business School to 15,000+ students and regularly lectures MBA students on social innovation. As a student he created Freigeist, a communication training consultancy. Nicolas regularly gives trainings to governmental institutions, foundations and large companies on negotiations, pitching and communication.