Meaghan Brown

Chief Development Officer, United Way of New York City

New York, NY
Cohort: CCL, New York, 2015

Meaghan Brown is the Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer at United Way of New York City (UWNYC). Meaghan oversees a team that raises nearly $10 million in annual revenue from over 300 Corporate Partners. Meaghan’s team at UWNYC is responsible for driving engagement with companies, and individual donors/volunteers. Additionally Meaghan is a member of the UWNYC Executive Leadership Team. Meaghan’s role revolves around the transformation of  traditional, workplace giving campaigns between UMNYC and the Corporate Community into year-round engagement and increased revenue. UWNYC’s Corporate Engagement work involves cross-functional integration and the maintenance of strong partnerships with the United Way Worldwide network.

Prior to her involvement with UWNYC, Meaghan was responsible for the management of corporate portfolios pertaining to the substantial and continuous revenue growth of her business clientele. Additionally, Meaghan held roles in both the Resource Development and Community Investments sectors within United Way of Greater Philadelphia. She has also been the Director of multiple Senior Community Centers in the Philadelphia area. Meaghan is a graduate of the University of Arizona in Tucson and Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.