Alumni Award Finalist

Lucretia Doyle

Program Manager, Points of Light Foundation

Atlanta, GA
Cohort: Points of Light, Washington, 2017

Lucretia Doyle is an employee of the Points of Light Foundation (POL) as a Program Manager for the Corps 18 program. For over 15 years she has served various youth populations as a Program Coordinator, Program Manager, Youth Advocate and Administrator. She specializes in adolescent substance abuse rehabilitation, supervision and development as it pertains to the juvenile justice and foster care systems.
Lucretia earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Herzing University, and a Master of Business Administration in Management from the American Intercontinental University. In July 2016 Lucretia developed the Patricia Ann Doyle foundation (PAD). The organization provides youth scholarships to children with incarcerated parents. Within the past two years she has given four scholarships. She is passionate about delivering opportunities and high quality treatment to underserved youth. Lucretia is a happily married musician with four children, two grandchildren, and two beautiful pets.