Katie Christie

Assistant Director of Education, Roundabout Theatre Company

New York, NY, USA
Cohort: Center for Creative Leadership,, New York, 2014

Katie Christie, Assistant Director of Education, is extensively trained in theater, dance and music, spending almost 30 years directing and producing musical productions. Her driving ambition is to work with youth to foster cross-cultural understanding and action through creative expression and empowerment while developing tolerant and caring leaders of our future. Katie is the Founder and Director of Voices United, which she established as a high school senior in 1989, recognizing that she and her peers needed a forum to express their thoughts and feelings and to expose youth of various cultures and races helping them to learn to understand and accept each other. Katie has directed and produced original productions in Russia, Japan, Quebec, Turkey, South Africa and Lesotho. She has been recognized for her work with diverse international accolades. Katie was featured in the book “Girls and Young Women Leading the Way,” and in PBS’s “Take Me to Your Leaders. Voices United was recognized as one of the top 100 organizations addressing race and culture in President Clinton’s “Promising Practices” One America Initiative on Race. Most recently, Katie was featured on NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams.