Director of STREAM & Mentoring Programs, College Tribe

Washington, District of Columbia

Jeronique serves as the Director of STREAM programming for College Tribe, (a nonprofit organization on a mission to help young men of color find pathways to successful education and career ventures through STEM education and mentoring.) She spends a great deal of time working with her team to build sustainable programs as a bridge to brighter outcomes. Jeronique also assists small businesses and individuals develop engaging, results driven visual content that improves their personal and professional brand stories.

Jeronique is a STREAM practitioner, multimedia developer, and professional storyteller with a boundless scope of experience in youth development.  From youth detention centers to homes and schools throughout the country, she is devoted to working with youth and families in underserved environments.

Jeronique enjoys spending time with her family and friends, bouncing around the world on fashion runways or bringing life to various characters in theater and film spaces.  As a lover of travel and languages, she is constantly seeking patience from those she converses with, as she sometimes can’t help her tendency to drift into various accents, dialects and foreign phrases that have made themselves at home within her word stock.  Although she has a strong preference for ‘offline’ engagement and interactions, she can be found on various social media platforms (@jeronique), updating her status at a snail's pace.