Jeffrey Andrews

Social Worker, Unison

Hong Kong, China
Cohort: Common Purpose, Hong Kong, 2015
Connect on Twitter: @jeffAnd0683191

Jeff Andrews was born and raised in Hong Kong and is of Indian descent. He speaks English, Cantonese and Tamil. He had been through segregated schools throughout his entire education and completed high school, but could not progress further. Jeff then took a wrong path immediately after and had a life changing moment when he was arrested by authorities during his late teens. A passionate advocate and dedicated social worker for ethnic minorities saved Jeff and gave him a second chance. He became a campaigner for minority rights, enrolled back in school and graduated to become one of the first local ethnic minorities registered as a social worker. Jeff has been featured in many local TV documentaries, news clips and articles, and he often gives his views on minority issues in the public arena. He continues to go to schools, communities and public engagements as an ethnic minority representative. In 2013, he went to the United Nations committee on economic, social and cultural rights in Geneva to speak about the effects of segregated schools. In 2016, Jeff received an award from the Hong Kong Government in recognition of his dedicated service and outstanding contributions to the enhancement of racial harmony and integration.