Jackie Jenkins

Senior Vice President, Strategy Management, United Way of New York City

New York, NY
Cohort: CCL, New York, 2015

Jackie Jenkins is the Chief Impact & Strategy Officer at United Way of New York City where she works to fight for the self-sufficiency of every low-income New Yorker through initiatives in hunger, homelessness, literacy and workforce development.  Prior to joining the philanthropic and non-profit sectors, Jackie worked for 15 years in the education field, helping to transform the hearts, minds and habits of purposeful people in progressive places like the Coalition of Essential Schools and The New School University.  She began her career teaching English at several high schools for almost a decade, fulfilling various teaching and leadership roles, and has several advanced degrees in education, anthropology and modern theories of race, culture and identity from Stanford University.  She also has her teaching credential in secondary education, and is a proud first-generation college graduate of Princeton University and the D.C. public school system.