Eu-wanda Eagans

Chief Operating Officer, Northwest Harvest

Seattle, WA
Cohort: Points of Light, Washington, 2017

Eu-wanda Eagans has been the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Northwest Harvest, a nonprofit food bank in Washington state, for the past four and a half years. She has an extensive background in operations and program management through years of manufacturing and engineering experience. Her former employers include the Energizer Battery Company, General Motors Corporation, as well as the Washington State Government.
In her current position as COO, Eu-wanda is responsible for the agency’s partner program work. This includes advocacy and public policy, food pantry relationship management, as well as oversight of the Cherry Street Food pantry, located in Seattle. She is also responsible for statewide warehousing operations, which includes procurement, distribution, and transportation.

Eu-wanda stays busy thinking of ways to help her favorite nonprofits become more efficient in achieving their missions, and volunteering to help any organizations she can.