David (DC) Howard

Associate Director, Program and Partnership, PeerForward

Washington, DC, US
Cohort: Center for Creative Leadership, New York, 2017
Connect on Twitter: @I_am_WHOLE

David (DC) Howard is an Associate Director of Program and Partnership at PeerForward; with the responsibility for coaching, managing, supporting implementation and key contributor in the design of implementation plans in 13 sites across New England (Rhode Island), Middle-Atlantic (Maryland), Midwest (Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia) and Deep South (South Carolina). DC has worked professionally for PeerForward (formerly College Summit) for over ten years in various roles from Operations Associate to Program Manager. He is a certified youth facilitator and youth facilitator trainer, helping develop new facilitators to hone their skills and authenticity to build the next generation. DC earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Florida State University, where he majored in History (Concentration in 20th Century History) and minored in both biology and chemistry. His mission as a social purpose leader is to build capacity and unity in families and youth (especially in rural and/or under-served areas) in the hope to create more social synergy and transferable prosperity.