Alumni Award Finalist Alumni Task Force

Anthony Lopez

Executive Director, Zone 126

New York, NY, USA
Cohort: Center for Creative Leadership, (USA), 2019

Anthony Lopez is the Executive Director of Zone 126, an intermediary nonprofit organization that implements a collective impact framework to improve education outcomes in Astoria and Long Island City in Queens, New York. He has served as its leader for the last three years securing a five-year $2.5M Full-Service Community Schools from the U.S. Department of Education. He has served as a collaborator, thought partner and facilitator to numerous policy makers and elected officials on school reform related to Career and Technical Education, Charter Schools and K-12 educational pipelines. In 2007, he founded the Aprendes Foundation to support community-grown solutions in education and youth development. He led Aspira of New York, the nation’s first Puerto Rican-led youth development and educational advocacy organization in developing 1,000 high school students into leaders at three Beacon community schools and in 30 high schools. In this capacity, he advocated for English Language Learners by monitoring NYC Department of Education’s compliance to the Aspira Consent Decree. As the first Executive Director for NYC’s I Have Dream Foundation, he played a key role in growing the organization nationally. Tony is a seasoned community advocate, accomplished nonprofit leader and youth development professional.