Amido Janvie

Senior Division Manager, Lifebank Foundation, Inc.

Iloilo City, Singapore
Cohort: Common Purpose, Singapore, 2017
Connect on Twitter: @Coolestpip

Janvie Amido is a public speaker with more than 10 years of experience in community development, strategic implementation, organizational development, governmental organization and business management in the private/nonprofit sectors. He is a recipient of multiple fellowships and accolades, including the Young Southeast Asian Youth Fellowship, an American Express Leadership Academy participant, a Filipino Presidential Excellence in Leadership Award, a UN Universal Peace Federation Fellowship and an Honorary Malaysian Citizenship.

Janvie is a Founding Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is part of the worldwide movement to promote social equity as a Global Expert Mentor. He represented the Philippines at a WEF meeting held in the Vatican and participated in the 2017 WEF Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, China. From 2010-2015, he was a Chairperson on the Filipino Gender and Development Committee, a group that attempts to mainstream transformative aspects of gender on a local and national scale.

Janvie helped found the Youth First Initiative Philippines, Inc., an organization that led to the development of the Produkto Lokal program. Produkto Lokai consolidates local products and producers to bring the local products to the global market. The Youth First Initiative is also a recipient of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization Awards 2018.