Abdulahi Abdulraheem

Founder and Executive Director, Initiative for Sound Education

Ilesu, Nigeria
Cohort: Points of Light, Washington, 2017
Connect on Twitter: @AbayomiRaheem

Abdulahi Abayomi Abdulraheem is the Founder/Executive Director of the Initiative for Sound Education, Relationships and Health (ISERH) – a nonprofit that provides supports for youth education and leadership development in Nigeria. Under his leadership, ISERH provides voluntary oversight functions on the Npower Program of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. ISERH is designed to employ 500,000 unemployed graduates and 25,000 unskilled youths, and currently provides scholarships for over 83 High School Students, of whom 43 are now attending University. Twenty-nine teachers have also been honored with Excellent Teacher Awards, while over 450 teenagers have been provided with school supplies.

Abdulahi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Demography and Social Statistics from Obafemi Awolowo University. He is an alumnus of the American Express Leadership Academy, Young African Leaders Initiative, Africa Regional Leadership Center (Accra), the African-American Institute, Enterprise Development Center, and the Pan-Atlantic University. Additionally, he is an Atlas Corps Fellow, topped the 2016 list of “the 100 Brightest Young Minds” and won the 2015 “Most Replicable Project Award of the Life Changers Foundation, UK.”