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Hangout: Creating a Culture that Invests in People

For social purpose organizations, people are our bottom line. Yet it’s not always easy to create a culture that supports ongoing professional development. How do we set aside resources, make the case to our Boards or investors, and identify the most effective supports?


Unpacking Race, Equity and the Arts in America’s Whitest City

You never know what can happen over a bowl of ramen.


Changing the World, With a Day Job: Highlights from our May Twitter Chat

We all want to change the world. It's not always so easy, but that changemaker drive is so important.


Highlights from the 2016 Global Alumni Summit

It is not easy for leaders in any industry to take time away from their work to focus on their own leadership skills—and it seems especially hard in the social purpose sector, where we tackle complex social problems that often feel unrelenting, and resources for training are scarce.


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